Paloma Hotels | Concepts

In our Hotels, we have different concepts for our guests, for every different taste. These concepts appeal to all guests from all age groups. You can find the details of all the concepts in the lists below.

  • Paloma Hotels Kids

    Kids' Chef

    At Paloma Hotels, children are our most welcome guests too.

  • Paloma Hotels Beach Concept

    Beach Concept

    “We cater for all your needs while you relax on the beach or by the pool!”

  • Paloma Hotels Food Festivals

    Food Festivals

    Fresh - Fresher - The Freshest Food Festivals

  • Paloma Hotels Luxury


    At Paloma Hotels, we create a luxury holiday for you unlike any other.

  • Paloma Hotels Palomotion


    Can’t Get Enough! Entertainment, Fun, Activities & Full of Joy Waiting for you at PALOMA Hotels!

  • Paloma Hotels Organic Food & Wine

    Organic Food & Wine

    “We produce natural products in our organic farm and serve them to our privileged guests in our hotels” 

  • Paloma Hotels Polly Kids Club

    Polly Kids Club

    The very essence of our Kids Clubs is to bring a smile to the irresistibly-sweet faces of our little loved ones!

  • Paloma Hotels Paloma Teenage Club

    Paloma Teenage Club

    Discover our new Paloma Teenage Club!

  • Paloma Hotels Primetimer Club

    Primetimer Club

    Forget about the cold and grey days and take a Winter Break in one of our very popular hotels offering great holiday experience for Over 60s!

  • Paloma Hotels New Primetimer Plus for PALOMA Foresta Resort & Spa

    New Primetimer Plus for PALOMA Foresta Resort & Spa

    The free of charge ‘’Fit For Life’’ lessons within the PALOMA PrimetimerPlus concept are big help for this lifestyle.