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New Primetimer Plus for PALOMA Foresta Resort & Spa

A study shows that mental fitness, mental well-being, physical health are on the top of the wishlist of the most adults. Enough amount of sport with pleasure and fun contribute to achieve these three goals. Physical and mental fitness belong to each other. Movement is the medicine of the centuries and helps us to live longer and healthier. As long as we are ready and active to live like this. The free of charge ‘’Fit For Life’’ lessons within the PALOMA PrimetimerPlus concept are big help for this lifestyle. Certified instructors, physiotherapists and licensed fitness trainer with many years of experience will be at service within the program. 

Paloma Hotels
Paloma Hotels
Paloma Hotels
PrimetimerPlus Winter program
  • Paloma Hotels Pro X Walker

    Pro X Walker

    This handy device trains simultaneosly the arms, shoulders and back muscles, when standing or walking with the help of a belt that is attached to the straps. Handling, feeling and effects are similar with the training sticks used when doing the Nordic Walking. Training can be done also when standing, sitting or lying.

  • Paloma Hotels Minitrampolin


    The Minitrampoline / Rebounder is one of the most comprehensive Training device. With the highly elastic, rubber cable suspension device, where you just swing, not jump, all cells of the body are moved; the lymph flow is increased many times, the breathing system and the metabolism are activated just like the heart and the curcilation and above all it is a lot of fun.

  • Paloma Hotels Aqua Fitness

    Aqua Fitness

    Aqua Fitness is a heath and fitness sport art for almost every age category and can be performed in both deep or shallow water. The body resistance when moving in water is stronger than in the air and body weighs only the 10% of the actual body weight. This way, this exercise protects the joints of the body, is good for the heart and the blood circulation and helps weight loss and connective tissue improvement.

  • Paloma Hotels Smovey / Vibroswing

    Smovey / Vibroswing

    Smovey Vibroswing is a vibrating ring system which consists of a spiral hose, 4 steel balls and a handle system with damping elements. With the back and forward rolling of the balls, a vibration level of approx. 60 Hertz is reached. After increasing the centrifugal force by swinging, around 97% of the muscle system is activated, even the deepest ones. The lymph flow is increased as well.

  • Paloma Hotels Latino Dance / Zumba Gold

    Latino Dance / Zumba Gold

    A fitness program of dancing and aerobic elements, based on and inspired by the latin american dances.

  • Paloma Hotels Yoga


    Yoga is a blend of meditation, breathing and physical exercises. It is a total body workout, in which not only the muscles are strengthened and stretched, but also the circulatory system and the immune defense are improved.

  • Paloma Hotels Flexibar / Vibrating Rod

    Flexibar / Vibrating Rod

    The Flexibar is an approx. 150 cm long Rod made of plastic. The vibrating material causes a reaction on the body with the correct exercises. This kind of training is highly effective and gentle at the same time.

  • Paloma Hotels Mental Nordic Walking

    Mental Nordic Walking

    Mental Nordic Walking was designed by the GNFA and GFG trainers. It is based on scientifically proven exercises and it is a physically and mentally very efficient program to increase physical and mental fitness and maintaining a high level of mental performance. Mental Nordic Walking is performed by the National Coaches and master trainers of the German Fitness Association(GNFA).

  • Paloma Hotels Breathing Exercise

    Breathing Exercise

    In this training, with some breathing exercises, the participants experience how their body reacts to various breathing techniques. They learn how they can influence some different body reactions to improve health and well-being.

  • Barefoot Training

    The barefoot walking/running activates the feets reflex zones, which has an effect on the whole body. The barefoot walking/running and regular foot exercises can improve the health and stimulate the heart and the blood circulation system. The barefoot training prolongs the function of the legs, including the hips, frees the body for deep breathing, helps reducing the stress and has a positive effect on the spine and posture.

  • MAT

    The mental activation training, developed by the society for brain training aims to preserve and improve the mental fitness. This can be achieved with surprisingly simple ways, because brain cells and other parts of the body react well on target oriented training. It is performed by the licensed MAT trainers of the GFG.

  • Fit for Life - Weeks

    This trainingweeks introduces you to the variety of fitness exercises, with or without the devices. Also it’s analyzing the body and health problems and providing guidance for solutions.

  • Active When Senior

    A special kind of functional gymnastic for the participants, provides training for agility, strength and coordination skills.

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    Forcing and relieving some certain muscles willingly and deliberately, body can reach a deep state of relaxation. Also other signs of physical restlessness and agitation can be reduced by relaxing the muscles.

  • Belly – Legs – Backside

    These exercises most effectively train the addressed parts of the body and doen’t leave out any muscle group. They also strengthen the back.

  • Gymstick

    With the Gymstick, which is a 130 cm long plastic rod with elastic tubing bands, it is possible to train the joint strength, endurance and flexibility. The training can be dosed according to the individual needs and fitness level.

  • Foot and Vein Gymnastik

    The foot exercises help our heavily loaded feet maintain their functionality. The vein gymnastik exercises improves venous blood flow and strengthens the veins and muscles connected to it.

  • Qi Gong

    The soft, smooth and slow Qi-Gong exercises have diverse effects on the human body: Strengthening the immune system and the ability to concentrate, activation of self-healing, regulation and harmonisation of the blood and lymph in the body.

  • Back-fit / Special Spine gymnastics

    Special training art to prevent any back pain and postural problems caused by the standing problems in everyday life.

  • Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is group of gentle wholistic health exercises for all people, regardless of the age and health condition. The health benefits of Tai Chi are a mainstream way to a better health, relaxation and wellbeing.

  • Pilates

    Pilates is a wholistic body training, in which especially the low-lying, small, but the weakest muscle groups are addressed. Aimed to strengthen the muscles, improve the condition, movement coordination, posture and - perception, as well as the stimulation of circulation.