Paloma Hotels | Environmental Movement

Paloma Hotels Environmental Movement


As PALOMA family, we continue to work to provide a better world for our closest friends.

  • Paloma Hotels PETA ‘hero to animal’ award

    PETA ‘hero to animal’ award

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has awarded our animal rights activist and pet-friendly hotels for showing sensitivity towards animals. 

  • Paloma Hotels Pet Friendly Hotel

    Pet Friendly Hotel

    TUI “Pet Friendly Hotel” award. 

  • Paloma Hotels WWF -  Turkey’s Heart Campaign

    WWF - Turkey’s Heart Campaign

    The Paloma Family have adopted an endangered animal through WWF-Turkey. WWF-Turkey works to protect species such as sea turtle, groupers, dolphin and jungle cat for the health of ecosystems research, monitoring and protection. We are also supporting by adopting an endangered species and the work they do.

  • Paloma Hotels Cat House

    Cat House

    The cat houses that you’ve seen in the hotel gardens are specially designed for cats. Our cats are regularly checked by a veterinarian who suggests feeding them with dry cat food which helps prevent parasites and disease. Therefore, if you want to feed the cats, we kindly ask you to give them dry food in the house. Please note that any food you give, except dry food, will threaten our cats’ health.