Paloma Hotels | Environmental Movement

Paloma Hotels Environmental Movement


Through our environmental management system, we aim to control the amount of water, power and energy as well as the chemical and solid waste we use so we can minimize environmental damage without compromising comfort. 

By implementing sustainable tourism principles and taking precautions such as updating and replacing systems, our use of natural resources has decreased. This means that each year we continue to minimize environmental damage.

Every other year Paloma Hotels Group grows with either a newly built hotel or a completely renovated one. Even during our construction period, the most important detail for us is to protect the surrounding natural environment. Our projects are always carefully planned and prepared every step of the way in this respect; even to the point of avoiding the destruction of a single tree.

  • Paloma Hotels Travelife


    We believe that tourism is able to develop not only the lives of the local community but also the surrounding environment and economy. That is why the sustainability of the local area is the basis of our policy. Travelife ensures that tour operators and hotels adhere to and promote this consistently, which is why all the hotels within our company were awarded with the Travelife Gold Award.

  • Paloma Hotels Blue Flag

    Blue Flag

    Blue Flag is an international environmental award which is given to qualified beaches and marinas with the required standards. It’s the symbol of a clean, well-groomed, well-equipped, safe, civilized and therefore a sustainable environment. It represents highly qualified environmental management which gives importance to clean sea water for beaches as well as environmental education and training. All of our hotels within our company were awarded with this International Blue Flag award.

    • PALOMA Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA, Beldibi
    • PALOMA Grida Village & SPA, Belek
    • PALOMA Oceana Resort, Side
    • PALOMA Perissia, Side
    • PALOMA Pasha Resort, Özdere
    • PALOMA Club Sultan, Özdere
  • Paloma Hotels Environmental Champion

    Environmental Champion

    Since 1996, the German market researchers have asked the question, ‘How would you rate the measures taken to reduce the burden on the environment by your resort / hotel?’’ Hotel guests rate the hotel between 1 (very good) to 5 (very critical) and these results are evaluated at the end of each year. Only 10 hotels worldwide are qualified for this ‘’TUI Environmental Champion’’ award who are presented with special “TUI Environmental Champion” phrases in TUI catalogues. We have achieved this rare award it’s very precious to us. We thank our guests from the bottom of our hearts for their ratings.