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Paloma Finesse’s groundbreaking culinary approach to luxury all-inclusive concept offers a brand-new refined gastronomic feast.

The cuisine is founded upon the principles of local resourcing, seasonable ingredients and traditional delicacies crowned with a modern touch - all of which constitute an unmatched Finesse cuisine inspired from all around the world.

Recipes created without using artificial aromas and chemicals are intended to serve in a purest form to the guests by cooking with the ingredients obtained from local farms.



  • Paloma Hotels Chef’s Kitchen Ala Carte Restaurant

    Chef’s Kitchen A'la Carte Restaurant

    Chef’s Kitchen: a different chef and gastronomical experience each week

    Paloma Finesse’s a la carte restaurant Chef’s Kitchen accommodates a different exclusive chef from a different part of the world each week, bringing you an entirely unique dining concept. Here, world-renowned chefs who have mastered a culinary field serve their degustation menus for a week as if it is their own restaurant.  Chef’s Kitchen can be seen as the manifestation of the sophisticated environment that Finesse aspires to create in that it hosts talented chefs who embrace all flavors, take various tastes and use them to create unique interpretations and true delicacies.

  • Paloma Hotels The Kitchen

    The Kitchen

    The main restaurant of Paloma Finesse, The Kitchen, is a combination of a number of modern and sophisticated kitchens, much more than open buffet with its a la minute service. Here you can find homemade pasta, dry-aged meat, grilled fish, a wide local food selection and a special Kids’ Buffet, where all ingredients are picked with utmost care and prepared on demand in open kitchens. Through this unusual approach, you can feel like enjoying a different restaurant each meal.

  • Paloma Hotels Med Kitchen

    Med Kitchen

    Our a la carte restaurant Med Kitchen serves the best of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with a special Finesse touch. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Its menu includes selections of pasta, pizza baked in brick ovens, vegetable dishes and a wide variety of seafood. All dishes are seasoned with fresh spices and prepared by our chef’s special recipes.

  • Paloma Hotels Bistro


    At the Bistro, which is open 7/24, you can always enjoy a different flavor. You are invited to spend moments of pleasure with delicious desserts, ice-cream assortments, cakes, cookies, sandwiches, snacks, special drinks at its bar, loose leaf teas and artisan coffee service.