PALOMA Orenda Resort | Side - Antalya


In our bars we have a wide range of drinks. Enjoy a refreshing drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, we serve our guests at the bars and restaurants our organic wine from our own production.

Further information about our organic wines can be found on our organic wine page!...

  • Paloma Hotels Bistro Bar

    Bistro Bar

    This mysterious atmosphere offers a refreshing exotic cocktail during the day, creating a perfect evening spot.

  • Paloma Hotels Beach Club Bar

    Beach Club Bar

    Beach Club Bar is the place to cool down with a delicious drink on the beach.

  • Paloma Hotels Sports Bar

    Sports Bar

    While sipping delicious drinks at the sports bar, you may get information tennis and mountain bike.

  • Paloma Hotels Pool Bar

    Pool Bar

    Our pool bar invites you for tasty cocktails and other refreshing drinks.