PALOMA Orenda Resort | Side - Antalya


Find the most exciting sport art that will relax your body and mind at the PALOMA Orenda Resort! 

Tennis Tennis
The Paloma Orenda Resort offers a total of 10 quartz sand and 2 ash (red sand) tennis courts in 2019!
Beach Volleyball Beach Volleyball
Remove shoes and you can start!
Water Sports Water Sports
Nautic - catamaran sailing and surfing
Landsport Landsport
Basketball, football... with us, everything is all about the ball.
Mountainbike offer Mountainbike offer
Do you love the freedom to cycle through charming landscapes and untouched nature?
Fitness / Aerobics & Yoga Fitness / Aerobics & Yoga
Fitness generates happiness hormones. The fun comes while exercising. Your body will be pleased if you participate in one of the numerous offers.
Archery Archery
To get the bow out right, it promotes concentration.
Golf Golf
Ever wanted to try golf? Your holiday is the best opportunity to start.