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Dear Valued Guests,

We are now in a period to act responsible and protect everyone with the individual and corporate decisions that we have taken.

As Paloma Hotels, we are proud to host you again. We are ready to return to service with even greater dynamism and surely renewed and strengthen resilience. We are convinced that what we are going through now will make us even more aware and conscious and more connected. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have been affected by this unprecedented outbreak and we truly appreciate devoted healthcare workers, local communities and governments around the world who are on the front line leading the battle against Covid-19. Today more than ever, we cherish freedom and remember the value of the magnificent nature that surrounds us and reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the trust and loyalty you have shown us over the years.

As Paloma Hotels, we have proudly represented the traditions of Mediterranean hospitality for 40 years, and the time we are going through right now with very difficult moments have shown us that our values of empathy, respect, and exceptional care for our guests have made a real difference. Paloma Hotels family will welcome you with the same enthusiasm and outstanding care as always but of course by adding all what we have learned and still learning out of this outbreak that deeply affected our lives. While you truly miss to travel and be at your happiest places, we hope you are safe and sound, have the chance to spend good times with your family, maybe even take this as your opportunity to change your course, rewrite the next chapters, put some time into developing your talents, and learn new skills. Hopefully after this, we will take more care of each other, treat each other with more kindness support each other, be more connected and grounded than ever before. We all can rise above this and it starts with being grateful.

It is our priority to protect you and the Paloma Hotels family and ensure you have a healthy and safe holiday. As we head towards gradual and careful adjustments to lock down restrictions, we are now glad to share our re-openning programme which fully complies with the set regulations of ABTA, World Health Organization and CDS procedures in addition to the internationally recognised Covid -19 certification programme introduced by Tourism Ministry of Turkey.

During your stay, the entire Paloma team will be at your service to make you feel safe and happy.

We are grateful to have you and to be together again.

Ece TONBUL - PALOMA HOTELS Chairperson of the Executive Board and CEO

Release date : 01.07.2020