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Limitless fun for everyone in the spectacular "Palomaqua"!

The largest and most diverse water park of the region, Palomaqua consists of 19 water slides and various water courses that surprises and entertains thrill-seekers of all ages.

The color scheme of the water park is designed to highlight the water slides even more.

Safety is paramount at Palomaqua, which proudly holds the distinction of being the first resort water park in Turkey to receive the prestigious Safe Fun seal for safety certification.

This accolade ensures that all water slides and aquatic leisure equipment meet rigorous international European standards, providing peace of mind as your family enjoys the fun-filled attractions.

All come together to provide our guests

with an experience to remember...


Palomaqua, consists of 12 slides, 7 dedicated kids’ slides and splash courses that provides endless fun for everyone wishing to discover something new and exciting at every corner.

Palomaqua is located between Paloma Finesse and Paloma Orenda, a few minutes' walk from both. 

Free shuttle service is provided to Paloma Oceana and Paloma Perissia.

Family Slide - Surf Safari (900 x 3000 mm)

This exciting new attraction features a daring 40-degree sloped entrance and a unique, parabolic design, that creates an illusion that adds to the adrenalin filled experience. As a result, thrill-seekers young and old alike will experience in totally new riding experience never before seen in a family-styled waterslide.  The unique slide path gives riders a longer voyage compared to other slides with similar offerings


Family Slide - Rafting Slide

Rafting Slide is the type with a radius of 800 x1400 mm and length of 129,85 m. Our design of rafting slide has open and close tube slides that offers an unforgettable ride experience. Friends, spouses, and parents can experience the joy of sliding all together and laughter will be heard all around the park. It is a good alternative for those who find Tsunami & Space Hole too exciting & also for those who do not prefer covered slides like Black Hole.

Extreme Slide - Space Shuttle

This new adrenaline waterslide offers an exciting ride path. The main features are its design configuration, unique form and ride path. With its open and and enclosed parts the adrenaline ends with a splash pool drop.

Extreme Slide - Wave Slide (500 x 3000 mm)

Our uphill ride is the Wave Slide. One of our high-speed rides that offer screams, adrenaline and fun. Engineered for maximum safety “Wave Slide” delivers the highest level of ride performance. This ride is a breath-taking experience and it provides fun for all your guests. After just one ride, you will keep rushing back.

Speed Slide - Looping Rocket (80,43 m.)

Looping Rocket is a high adrenaline ride. Ready to release yourself? Then get ready for one of the highest drops you can experience.

Racer Slide - Windigo

Windigo is a sophisticated, thrill ride that begins with enclosed aquatube slides that transforms into high speed multiracer lanes. This award-winning high end-design and engineering ride offers a visual feast.

Body Slide - Aquatube

If you are a beginner and want to experience a short and a fast ride, choose Aquatube. The visual and auditory effects can be planned and added to create a visual harmony that your guests will never forget.

Body Slide - Racer Body Slide (700 x 1000 mm)

Starting with enclosed twister slides and transforming into the high-speed racer lane with high speed mat racer.

Water Play Structure

Our play structures invite you to create your fun your way! Tipping buckets, slides, net climbs, water cannons and water all around, our play structures are surely the center of fun. Children will love it for sure, but they will not be alone. You will love this entertainment as much as they do.

Studies show, that children learn best when allowed to actively explore in an environment that is fun and appeals to their natural curiosity and desire to learn. Our play structures are there for the kids to serve this purpose as well. We provide an environment where children are free to move, play and explore safely.

Our play structures are available in different sizes, colors and different themes. Just choose one. You will be delighted with the results.

Splash Bucket

Splash Bucket is a one-to-one interactive splash game tests player to see who has the fastest reaction. Participants must tap the buttons as fast as they can when they light up. Players can have fun attempting to beat their opponent and splashing them with nozzles embedded in the module, and with a big splash at the end of the game.

Splash Cabin

Splash Cabin is water powered interactive game. Competition gets players wet as they battle against animated opponents in first-ever Splash Cabin attraction. Splash Cabin is a unique game that allows two players to engage in a fun, water-fuelled battle with animated competitors using an interactive screen. Score points by hitting moving targets while trying to avoid being hit themselves by waterjets shooting from screen-embedded nozzles. Earn points for hitting targets, and the loser is doused with a water-splash surprise.

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Paloma Perissia offers Kid’s Slides. Kids’ imaginations are set free among whirling, spinning, and wiggling streams of water. Also, there is a free shuttle service to The spectacular “Palomaqua”.


Paloma Oceana offers waterslides inside the facility. There is 120cm deep and has 7 different slides of various sizes. Also, there is a free shuttle service to The spectacular “Palomaqua".


Paloma Grida Aquapark consists of 7 different slides, a children splash world, and much more.


Paloma Foresta’s extremely fun water slides are waiting for you to enjoy.


Extremely fun water slides are waiting for you to enjoy. Paloma Pasha offers a waterslide pool which is 120cm deep and has different slides of various sizes.