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Paloma Hotels is an environmentally friendly company which values its staff, works for the protection of natural life, supports the local people,

aims to create job opportunities for students and contributes to sustainable tourism.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi


We reduce the use of natural resources with the measures which we take within the scope of sustainable tourism principles, and we carry on our works to minimize, and eliminate the soil, water and air damages. We care about local products and support local suppliers. We carry on works for the employment and education of local people.


With the environmental management system we have established within our hotel, it is aimed to bring under control the amount of water, electricity, energy, chemical and solid waste and minimize the damage to the environment and natural resources without compromising the comfort of our guests.

With the measures we have taken in the light of sustainable tourism principles, the use of natural resources has been reduced and practices have been updated to minimize and, if possible, eliminate damage to soil, water and air.

With each passing year, a new one is added to hotels of ever-growing PALOMA Hotels group or our existing hotels are being enlarged. However, the most important detail for us to during the construction phase is the sustainability of natural life. Our projects are prepared with precision so that not a single tree in the field is destroyed.

We have contributed to the breathing of our world by planting 800 saplings in an area of 2500 square meters in İzmir Özdere Region and the number of trees planted every year is gradually increasing. We are afforesting not only to the memory forest, but also around our hotels.

We provide continuous training to our staff in line with our environmental protection goals. There are environmental brochures in their rooms to raise awareness of our guests as well as our staff. Together with our staff and guests, we clean the area with "15 Minutes for Environment" activities. In addition to the environmental activities we do in our hotels, we also participate in,  together with local organizations, tree planting activities, environmental walks,  beach activities and activities to raise awareness of the local people.

Being aware that packaging wastes are not waste and are recycling products, we ensure separation of waste parsing buckets and packaging wastes in the guest areas and personnel use areas. We continue our works within the scope of the zero waste project. The wastes collected here are delivered to licensed companies for recycling in return for the documents, thus ensured protecting hundreds of trees. In addition, we aim to reduce amount of packaging waste to minimize environmental pollution. In this context, we reduce the amount of packaging waste by avoiding the use of small packaged products. We deliver the packaging wastes and organic wastes we have spared to licensed companies and ensure their disposal without harming the environment.

We remind how important the environment and natural life are for sustainable life with the trainings given to our staff at every opportunity. As Paloma Hotels, our primary goals are to prevent environmental pollution and ensure the use of natural resources suitably, thus leaving a livable world for future generations. For this purpose, one of the measures taken in our hotels is to use photocell lamps and taps to save electricity and water. Care is taken to purchase energy-efficient electrical appliances.

In this context, a savings team has been created in all the hotels within our company. The purpose of the savings team is to reduce the energy used, determine savings measures and control the sustainability of these measures. For this, meetings are held at regular intervals and it is checked whether the savings measures are applied in accordance with the job description. The determined measures are transferred to our staff through meetings and trainings. We provide a high level of participation to all events and trainings and contribute to the awareness of everyone. In addition, our successful staff are provided with pine seedlings and ensured to plant the seedlings wherever they want for environmental awareness and encouragement.

We keep our efforts, by developing, to ensure the continuity of our Yeşil Yıldız, Mavi Bayrak, TUI Çevre Şampiyonu, Travelife Gold awards which are gained as a result of all the work we do and the environmental activities we participate with local organizations.


As Paloma Hotels, one of our main working principle is to ensure environmental sustainability. With the precautions we take in light of sustainable tourism principles, the use of natural resources has been reduced in order to ensure environmental sustainability, and practices are developed to minimize and eliminate, if possible, damage to soil, water and air. Social sustainability is achieved by creating awareness among firstly our staff and secondly the people of the region through various activities.