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With the new generation food and beverage concept that Paloma Hotels brought to life in 2019, we offer our guests magnificent feasts prepared with impeccable techniques using high quality local products.

We combine traditional tastes with fresh ingredients from local farms with modern and sophisticated ideas.


We promise you a global experience in all aspects including the kitchen, the presentation and the atmosphere.

The perfectionist service mentality of Paloma Hotels will bring you exclusive delicacies of world cuisines, making your vacation one to remember.

A contemporary Mediterranean restaurant that serves food ranging from Italy to Turkey and from Lebanon to Greece; a far east restaurant that serves rich and delicious fusions from Japanese, Chinese and other Asian cuisines; an exclusive meat and BBQ restaurant, Beach Club restaurant, patisserie and bars open around the clock - all await you so that you can enjoy high-quality food and a new-generation gastronomical experience.

We invite you to enjoy our a la carte restaurants, all of which have unique ambiances. Here, you can experience authentic tastes and world cuisines where dishes are prepared with fresh, healthy and local ingredients, thus making your vacation unforgettable.

We have introduced a new concept in our a la carte restaurants. They now serve street-food-themed light and attractive lunches for your breaks from sunbathing, and also hold dinner service in contemporary and exclusive atmospheres.

We take the gastronomic dimension of your holiday beyond your expectations with our à la carte restaurants with their unique ambiances and menus, which are located in all facilities.    

All things beautiful come to life with a seed...

We have adopted a safe, nutritious and resource-efficient food production approach through our love,
gratitude and sense of belonging to nature and the Earth.

Our priority is to take good care of the environment as well as our guests. We use traditional agriculture and good farming processes to yield organic food products, olive oils and wines. We also add our love and care to the process and serve these organic and healthy products to our guests, promising them an ever-lingering experience of the palate.

As Paloma Hotels, we are proud and happy to share with you this success story where we grow our organic seeds.

Organic Wine

We grow certified organic grapes in our vineyards and make quality wine with them. At our farm named “Yerlim Çiftliği” which is the first and only organic farm in the region, we produce organic wine which is an essential part of the dining experience in Paloma Hotels and Paloma Finesse in particular.

Organic Farm

We have built a 400-hectare farming field dedicated to sustainable agricultural production. We pay attention to the calling of nature, that’s why we combine traditional farming processes with modern technology.

Where healthy, flavor and fun meet

Children are precious to us. Therefore, we prepare special dishes for them with the help of a dedicated kids’ chef in all our hotels. We combine fresh and healthy products with entertainment to bring out nutritious and fun meals. Our kids’ buffet and a la carte kids’ menu aim to introduce children with new tastes and healthy eating habits.

We are here to meet all the special dietary requests and needs of your children.


We organize the best gourmet festivals at certain times every year. These events provide an opportunity for our guests to sample the tastes and flavors that nature has given us.

Strawberry Festival | Melon and Watermelon Festival | Cherry and Sour Cherry Festival | Grape Festival | Pomegranate Festival | Oktoberfest | Turkish Street Delicacies