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Paloma Finesse’s a la carte restaurant Chef’s Kitchen hosts a different exclusive chef from all around the world each week, bringing you an entirely unique dining concept.

Chef’s Kitchen is an expression of the sophisticated world that Finesse wants to create: it accepts all flavours, experiences different tastes and expresses them with its own unique interpretation, pursues original and real flavours, and wishes to provide gastronomic experiences to its guests by hosting talented chefs.

The invited chefs prepare their own special menus for guests who are wishing to have a gastronomic experience. Guests can experience a completely different journey of exclusive tastes to a different destination each week.

Passion is
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Enjoy the amazingly creative dishes, explore the elaborate art of gastronomy and experience unforgettable culinary creations.

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In 2022, we have welcomed a prestigious group of guest chefs who have executed magic for our guests at Chef’s Kitchen.

In 2023, world-renowned chefs will join us again at Chef’s Kitchen for an outstanding and unique dining experience. 

You can contact us for a unique experience at Chef's Kitchen.