PALOMA Orenda Resort | Side - Antalya


We offer our guests at different times of the day and in various restaurants delicious food in PALOMA Orenda Resort. The main restaurant (Paloma Restaurant) offers free ice cream for lunch and dinner.

GOURMET Food by Vedat Başaran

Our cullinary team is on an innovative mission to challenge your palate with food presentations made from locally sourced highest quality ingredients and created with impeccable techniques.
A delightful journey to our culinary heritage presenting traditional dishes with a twist of modern sophistication.

One of Turkey’s most recognized chefs, with 28 years of experience in Gastronomy, a true culinary ambassador, interpreter of Ottoman cookery books, renowned for operating significant diplomatic gastronomy events, Vedat Başaran, will debut his Gourmet Mediterranean concept in 2019 at our newest additions Finesse, Orenda and renovated Perissia. Vedat’s innovative and contemporary take on Turkish cuisine and his revolutionary cooking techniques will flourish group’s culinary offerings.

We offer our organic wines to guests in our restaurant and bars.
For detailed information about our organic wines, please visit our  Organic wine page.

  • Paloma Hotels Paloma Restaurant

    Paloma Restaurant

    Paloma Restaurant consists of an indoor area and a terrace. To start the day as pleasant as possible,we offer our rich breakfast buffet in a pleasant atmosphere with various fresh fruits, as well as freshly squeezed orange juice service. For lunch and dinner, you can enjoy a wide variety of international dishes, from traditional Turkish cuisine to special theme nights.


  • Paloma Hotels Curio-Grill A la Carte Restaurant

    Curio-Grill A' la Carte Restaurant

    Our restaurant, which serves a great variety of meat with a meticulously prepared visual presentation, is required for a reservation a day in advance. (with charge)


  • Paloma Hotels Wabi Sabi - Fusion Far East A la Carte Restaurant

    Wabi Sabi - Fusion Far East A' la Carte Restaurant

    Allow our Chef Chen Yoo to prepare savoy creations to satisfy your taste with masterful sushi rolls and classic Far East cuisine.

  • Paloma Hotels Quentine - Contemporary Mediterranean A la Carte Restaurant

    Quentine - Contemporary Mediterranean A' la Carte Restaurant

    With an inspiring sea view terrace, created on the idea that friendships flourish with a well-prepared, creative fish and Turkish mezze varieties.

  • Paloma Hotels Bistro


    In Bistro we serve late breakfast, fresh pastries, late snack, sandwiches, tea and coffee.